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The DF-4 company is a newly established business out of Arizona, centering on the idea of ‘innovative design based on traditional technology’. This started when the question “Can there be a ready to use figure four dead fall trap?” was asked of us. Initially the concept seemed self-defeating, after all the purpose of learning the trap was to make sure a survivalist could make his own trap if needed.

On further consideration we realized that it was an excellent idea. When placed into a truly dire situation, no one has the time to carve out the figure four dead fall while worrying about shelter, water, and security. The ability to carry a collapsible, single piece trap with you into a bad scenario could be the difference between living and dying. Once we solidified the need for such a thing in our mind it was only a matter of putting forth the thought to design it.

We compiled the needed equipment, spent time setting up an initial design, and went into a testing phase. Within the first few days the trap was already working well enough to put food on the table, proving that the idea worked. This drove us to quickly work on a patent and setting into making a business. Already we have received more interest than we could have initially hoped for, and it grows by the day. All that remains is to continue to produce a quality product for all those who have realized that the next meal might depend on the foresight of owning this trap.

Lastly, we would like to note that throughout the entire process, from idea to market, there has been a Greater Power at work, and there is no other way of explaining it. So, thank you for blessing us and allowing us to thrive.